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Rave Reviews

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

“Accounting vcon is a webinar that you must attend! You gain so much knowledge in many aspects of accounting and growing your business! It’s amazing! ” –Edlyn Rahming-Lewis, CPA

“I know you two are busy preparing for the Accounting vCon this week. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that you are both making a wonderful impact on the lives of other accountants out there! I know this week’s vCon will be great and I am really looking forward to it.

Sandi – I started reading your ebook, Start with a Profit, this weekend and it is filled with great advice.

Michelle, before I started my own business, I was a CPA in public practice. I used QuickBooks when a client sent their backup to me to prepare a tax return. I had never used it as a bookkeeper or as an advisor to bookkeepers. Your QuickBooks Practice Set was how I got started learning how to input transactions into QB. I now attend many of your webinars as well and have learned so much.

Just wanted to thank you both for your dedication to our field and to the accountants and bookkeepers coming along behind you!!”

Jenni Westhoven, CPA

“Thank you. I really enjoyed the vcon. Very informative. You gave me a lot to think about and to work on.” Lynda Artesani

“Loving the conference so far, learning so much that my head may explode with all the ideas that I want to implement! Gonna be a busy weekend making my action list! Thanks so much” Deb

“Thank you for 2 fabulous days! I especially appreciate that all the recordings will be available, my head is swimming with information. I will definitely listen to several presentations again.” Carolyn

“I am so delighted with all of the knowledge I received from the vCon. In particular I am so grateful to have discovered ScanWriter. I purchased the software and just love it. I have two large bookkeeping clients that I used to have to do tons of data entry for and just hated it. If the revenue wasn’t so good I would have fired them long ago. Not to mention the fact that I also get their tax work. I would be miserable on the days that I had to slog through data entry (usually at the end of the month because I put it off). Now I can breeze thru it and really enjoy doing it with ScanWriter.

The bank recs are so easy as well as the AP invoices. Neither of these clients have inventory on the QB’s that I do so AP statements are really the best to enter. ScanWriter has happily spent hours training me and I just love their software. The initial investment is well worth it for me. I have told them to just ask if they want a testimonial. I am even looking to take on more bookkeeping clients now.” Nancy C Reilly EA

“Thank you. Very good insights.” Bob Seekely, CPA Managing Director EPM Associates LLC

“Great information on maximizing time and resources. I really see how the cloud can save time and increase profits.” Chad Denton, Denton and Elliott Accounting

“Practical and useful information you can put to use immediately.” Larry Hilsmier, CPA

“Excellent & valuable presentation” Bob Gummow, 5g Accounting Inc.

“There was such a wealth of new information. It has generated many new ideas and possibly changed my vision of my practice,” -Michele Etzel, CPA, EA, Bayside Accounting Services

“Very excited to bring this in to my business and see what else I can do with it.” Rebecca Howell, EA Custom Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

“The best thing about vCon was not having to travel yet having access to peers, vendors and a wealth of information! I’m just really impressed with Sandi & Michelle – keep doing what you are doing!” -Edwin R. Monteiro, CPA/CITP Optimum Tax and Financial Group

“Michelle and Sandi did an incredible job putting together the right components for this convention. Every single session and the sponsors who did presentations were applicable to what we are doing as accounting professionals. Accounting is moving into the 21st century and this vCon showed us how we can not only keep up with the technology but have better practices because of it. I can’t wait until next year’s vCon to see what else they come up with!” Cynthia Sumner

“Sandi and Michelle are positive forces on the wave of change! Their enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and given me inspiration! It was a great conference and so convenient!” -Jean Kernus , Jean R Kernus, CPA

“Sandi and Michelle were super excellent” Linda Qbq Russell

“The best part was that I could do this from my office without the travel time and expenses.” Rhonda Rosand, CPA, Rosand

“This is information that is not widely available. This addresses the everyday problems that most bookkeepers have.” Melissa Burton

“The Accounting vCon was so well organized and provided so much information. The support was great. I loved attending a remote conference, wish there were more like this!” -Lisa Muldoon, CPA, Accounting For Your Business

“Very well communicated in such a way that I know I will put it to use in my business.” Cynthia Sumner Sumner Bookkeeping & Consulting Services

“Great job. The obvious hard work, passion and enthusiasm in the vCon have been very much appreciated.” -Bob Seekely, CPA, Managing Director EPM Associates LLC

“Great content and great interaction with fellow attendees. I’ll be referring back to the vCon transcript and slides a lot.” Rhonda Alexander, Small Business Smart Growth LLC

“It was so well organized plus I didn’t have to travel.” –Edwina Glass, CPA

“This vCon has increased my knowledge of the going trends of bookkeeping and accounting. Knowledge is power!” Yleeta Burton, Patriot Bookkeeping & Consulting Services Bradley, AR

“SO much great information.” Scott Sander, CPA, Sander & Associates

“I am very impressed with the quality of the VCon organization and presentations. So glad that I was able to participate!” Judy Opar, Bee in Balance Bookkeeping

“This was a very timely presentation. I ended up using Join.me for a remote session with a client right afterwards. My client was having issues sending me an Accountant’s Copy of her QB, so we did a remote session using Join.me instead while we talked on the phone about her issues. It worked great and was so much more efficient than using an Acct’s Copy! She was able to watch her monitor as we discussed her issues and I fixed them in her QB. We will definitely be using that again.” –CPA in Arizona

“Love the new focus: How to benefit, service, and see opportunities for us to better help clients. I love the vCon and it is only getting better! Thanks!!” Yolanda McCarver, Keen Bookkeeping

“This conference has been great! I am so glad that I signed up.” –Edwina Glass, CPA

“Thank you for providing a practical way to network, learn, measure, and benefit from the selected tools and services that could clearly take our practice to a better level. The application focus makes it possible to quickly plan to implement the benefits. I look forward to your well-presented solutions in your next accounting vCon. Thank you!!” Yolanda McCarver, Keen Bookkeeping

“My head is swimming with new ideas for new tools and services that I can use to grow my business. I am very excited and anxious to implement. Thank you!” -Michele Etzel, CPA, EA, Bayside Accounting Services

“Just what I needed to restart my bookkeeping business and dream much bigger.” Alexa Gregory

“You Ladies ROCK! This has been an awesome presentation. Thank you so much!” –Edwina Glass, CPA

“Thank you so much Sandi & Michelle for all your hard work. It definitely showed in the quality of the conference. I’m looking forward to July 2014!” Tammy Doerrl

“This is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Now I need to get some write up clients to justify the cost!” –Scott Sander, CPA, Sander & Associates

“Hands down the best conference for small business accountants. Add in the price, and it is a no brainer.” Amy Parker Cook

“I can’t think of a better way than this vCon for someone who is just starting out as a bookkeeper and accountant to get familiar with the industry and get some really excellent ideas on how to go about putting their own practice together. There is so much potential and this vCon showed the possibilities.” Cynthia Sumner

“All the information presented was very relevant to me as I try to grow my practice.” Lynn Bertrand

“This is what an Accounting conference should be! Accounting vCon set a new standards and I’m excited to be a part of the community!” Mathew Hegge

“This was my first vCon and I didn’t know what to expect. I think Michelle, Sandy and the vendors did amazing! I learned sooooo much! I’m glad I paid for the vCon, totally worth it. I think they did an excellent job, I truly mean it. So no suggestions to improve 🙂 I want to be like both of them down the road, both of them are an inspiration.” Yolanda Shebert

“Each session was relevant to opportunities and issues I am currently dealing with. Very good tools to help grow my business.” Margaret Rivero

“Outstanding conference. I learned so much I am on information overload right now! Appreciate the ability to download presentations, chats, forms, etc. The whole set up on the Ning website is awesome with the forum, chats, networking, etc. Was worth every penny (and more) of the cost to attend.” Janet Sanders

“The conference far surpassed any expectations I had! I have never been to any conference that was so informative & applicable EVER!” Leah Welsh

“Great sponsors and I got a ton of information out of the conference!” Cathy Anderson

“Enjoyed the presentation! Lots of great info. Now I have to figure out how to keep up with all of it and build it into my business plan!” Vicki L Strock

“Loved the first session. As a Cloud novice back in November at the first vCon I just sat back and stayed comfortable in my confusion : ) in the last few months I’ve become more familiar with many aspects of Cloud computing/services and everything presented fell into place!!” Laurie

“This has been so incredible and price is affordable,” Leah Welsh

“Thank you to all the sponsors and especially Sandi & Michelle. Both of you did an excellent job at delivering this wealth of information to all of us so that we can build our businesses with better clients and higher revenues.” Lorraine Huseman

“WOW! Now my work begins! This is the best money I’ve spent on my business so far! I am so impressed!” Lynn Kerr

“Michelle & Sandi – Awesome Job! You provided a fabulous conference full of timely information. Thank You!” Robyn Smithson

“Thank you Sandi & Michelle for a great job on providing us so much helpful information!” Cindy Noelk

“Thank you Sandi & Michelle! Great Conference, thanks for all the hard work.” Teresa Cosgrove

“Worthwhile conference! Thank you to Sandy & Michelle. Keep it up!” Bob Gummow

“Thank you both for a great conference. I have already registered for 2013. The time/value ROI is first rate. I particularly like the downloads including the transcripts.”–Caralee L. Valdez, Principal, Sun Dog Consulting, LLC

“Thank you very much for both the vCon and the Bonuses! You managed to present a years worth of education in a matter of days! Excellent presentations were given by all.” –Stephen Maier

“The vCon was the best webinar I have ever experienced, exceptional speakers and interactive presentations. There were great tips and ideas that can be used to grow our businesses. Great use of chat to incorporate participants questions on – the – fly.” – Norton West, Norton West and Co

“This conference exceeded my expectations. The attendees were very engaged. Sandi and Michelle, you did a great job putting this together and made it very relevant. The interaction and seminars available prior to the conference were also very helpful.
It was a very organized online experience. Thank you for making the sessions available for download to review again.” -Cheryl Willett, Accounting for Profitability, LLC

“The Ultimate Accounting vCon helped me to understand the newest technologies out there.” -Vicki Allely, Bookkeeping Services

“A lot of good information was packed into a relatively short amount of time. It was well organized and easy to attend at home.” -Jodi Mecham, Mecham Bookkeeping

“Such great information. No fluff. I love that we still have some time to go review the materials. Everyone was so willing to help each other.” -DaOsha Pack, Covenant Accounting Solutions, LLC

“Michelle and Sandy, I am so impressed with your knowledge and caring about the attendees, and your desire to help us grow our businesses. It shows throughout the sessions.” -Cherri Rapp , Cherri Rapp & Associates

“I enjoyed everything about the conference and hope there is another one next year but I am not sure how you will be able to top all the information that everyone got this year!” -Lorraine Kovacs, Bookkeeping By Lorraine

“The best thing about the vCon was the introduction to products that I was unfamiliar with and the demos.” -Liliane Larsen, Larsen Bookkeeping Services, LLC

“The sessions were interesting and the speakers overall were excellent. Talking to the other attendees was wonderful; meeting them and having the means for all of us to talk together in chat.” – Marian Thomas, MRT Accounting Services

“The content and the format of the vCon were exceptional. I learned about so many tools that can help me revamp the direction I take my company. Thank you so much Sandi and Michelle.” -Shawn Rudy, SER Inc.

“ Michelle’s joke about no tired feet really is true. Savings in time and money for attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and conference staff is almost incalculable. The ability to download and save all the materials, handouts, chats, and discussion with vendors can enable much better retention of material. And the potential to interact and collaborate in larger groups in chat is multiplied. Finally, a huge thank you to Sandi and her team, and Michelle for the herculean effort all of you put into this. I am so excited to enter this profession. I am amazed at the camaraderie, intelligence, and spirit I have witnessed in the past couple of months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Rich Kuban

“Excellent content, access to the vendors at a fraction of the cost of most face-to-face conferences.” -Kim Painter

“The vCon was a tremendous learning opportunity. An incredible amount of helpful information was presented, not just for those starting out but for any person with a professional accounting or bookkeeping practice. The Cloud appears to be the future of this industry. Michelle and Sandi and the presenters made it understandable and gave us the tools or at least the knowledge of the tools we need to get ahead of the curve. I highly recommend that anyone in this profession plan on attending the next one!” -Robyn A. Smithson, Smithson Bookkeeping & Business Services

“Sandi and Michelle, you did a terrific job bringing together a fantastic conference! An outsider would never have guessed that it was your first vCon! This conference has brought many like-minded accounting professionals together who are hungry for knowledge and collaboration. I do not think that the same energy level could be created in an in person conference. The social barriers were taken down and connections were made because of the setting and format. This is something that has been needed for a while. There are other groups out there; however, travel and cost are difficult to those with limited budgets. This was a terrific kickoff to many more wonderful things to come from you two ladies! This conference was more rewarding than I ever anticipated! A+” -Shannon Mackey, Mackey Business Solutions

“This was an excellent 2 days packed with so much information that I feel like I am ready to step up to the plate. And grow my business.” -Nancy Faris, Centsable Solutions, LLC

“The opportunity to learn about the different vendors was the best part of the vCon. I probably would not have known about them otherwise.” -Karen Snider, Snider Accounting Services Inc.

“My greatest experience surrounded understanding Saas vs. Daas.” -Marc Adams, EA, MCA Certified Tax Preparers LLC

“The Ultimate Accounting vCon expanded my knowledge. Great Job!” Kathy Tighe, LitmanGerson Associates, LLP

“Thanks for a mind expanding vCon!” Carol Wilson, Care Accounting Services

“This format was GREAT! Much better than dressing up and traveling to a two-day conference. Learned a bunch!” -Rhonda Gambrell, CB Accurate Ledgers Bookkeeping Service

“Just really loved this and took away more value than I ever imagined.” Susan Kovalesky, Balanced Bookkeeping Solutions

“The vCon was a great way to learn more about the Cloud and was an opportunity to meet other people.” Jenny Warren, B&W Tax & Accounting Services, Inc

“I would definitely recommend this Vcon! Great presenters and valuable information! The best thing was the accumulation of so much information on how to improve /grow my practice!” -Kathleen Higgins, MKH Bookkeeping Services

“I found out about things in the industry I didn’t know were out there. This conference was great. I think that Michelle and Sandi did a fantastic job and the speakers were good too.” Shirley Winship, Stress Free Business Solutions, LLC

“The best thing about the vCon was sitting in my pj’s getting all this knowledge.” Donna Briggs, Lakeside Business Services, LLC

“This was wonderful for my first Virtual Conference.” Carol Guinn, Templin Accounting & Business Services, Inc.

“It was very convenient and informative! Great job!” Sandy Bever, ETEC & Associates, LLC

“Great job! It was a great format, lots of valuable information. Thanks for putting this on!” Stephanie Descoteaux, Digits & Decimals Inc.

“Excellent value for my time and budget. LOVED not having to travel!” Accounting Made Simple

“The best part of the vCon was learning about the various vendor products for in the Cloud as well as more about the Cloud in general.” Jenny Warren, B&W Tax & Accounting Services, Inc.

“Great information for a great price as well. Can’t beat the location either. This was great I am so glad that I decided to do this.” Nickie Stobbe, Profit Accounting Plus, LLC

“A quick thank you for the transcripts and CPE course. I am hearing impaired and do my best to listen and gain from all webinars, seminars, meetings, etc. The bottom line is I have a real challenge in getting the material and hence I must follow up by reading which is my real strength. I started reading the day 1 material this morning and I can hear both your voices (in my mind that is). I am smiling and singing “Oh Happy Days” as the content is just so applicable and on-time. I have been in this business since 1988 – yep, I left corporate too. I am a baby boomer, but I love being a techie – started in the old time-sharing days and 300 baud modems. I now live in a small town area and starting up a QuickBooks, Technology training business. Every word in this transcript is hitting home-runs with me.

To summarize my gratitude, these transcripts are a first for me. I am certain there will be others who will benefit greatly by this material as I am. Oh, and for sure, the CPE is just icing on the cake. My thanks to both you and Michelle.” –Henry W Jenkins, MBA, CMA

“This is one of the best handled webinars I have attended.”-Rich Kuban

“Fantastic online presentation.” — J.K.

“Thank you to Sandi & Michelle .You both ROCK as presenters! You are our mentors” –Cindy Noelk

“Michelle and Sandy, and all the industry leaders/sponsors, thank you for this amazing information. We totally did NOT pay enough for the time and help you all have offered. I will be a participant each year you guys do this.” –Shamese Shular

“Michelle and Sandi, this seminar has been awesome! Thank you so much! There is so much to learn, one day at a time, one step at a time, sweet Jesus! I have learned so much, well worth the price! I applaud you both. And thanks to all the sponsors!” –Kathleen Higgins

“This is the best conference I have been to; the virtual exhibit was neat idea.” –Arnold Barrett

“This conference was a great value – love the vendor presentations.” –Jennifer Todd

“Sandi and Michelle have been inspirational and the excitement has rubbed off on me! I am looking forward to going paperless first. Thank you for this great conference” –Jean Kernus

“This has been a wonderful, well-organized, well-run and well-presented conference. I calculate it was worth 4-5 times what I paid for it. I signed up early so got a low price. Thanks so much.” –Linda Russell

“I LOVED this conference – just what I was looking for, perfect for my level of understanding. Thank you!” –Laurie Davidian-Smith

“Awesome vCon ladies and staff! Thank you!” –Robyn Smithson

“I am so excited this is just what I needed. I have already started my tools for virtual. Now I need to figure out how to market it!” –Cindy Noelk

“This forum is a great way for those of us who can’t travel.” –Jerry Davis

“This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!” –Hope Blankenship

“Thank you all for this presentation!” –Denisha Marino

“My compliments to you for how well things are running technically. To have nearly 175 participants on the web session and the seamless transition shows that you practiced quite a bit.” –James Mann

“ This is amazing. I can’t believe I’m still doing manual work!” –Shamese Shular

”Yes!!! Think about the timesaving when we get those new clients with a year’s worth of data!” –Laurie Davidian-Smith

“Thanks for all of this.” –Barbara Zimmer

“Thanks Michele! I like all your information.” –Yolanda Mccarver

“Michelle explains things extremely well!” –Kathleen Higgins

“Thank you, Michelle! My whole world just changed” –Gina Winnerhed

“This is awesome to know. What a time saver.” –Laura Crumbley

“This will be so helpful with my inventory clients!” –Sandy Bever

“I can hardly wait for my nightmares to disappear now!” –Rebecca Neilson

“This is excellent material! The whole day has been fantastic!” –Timmerle Kelly

“I think this could gain me clients.” –Lynn Nichols

“Excellent and very informative! Thank you.” –Elizabeth Pecce

“Thank you! It has been fantastic!” –Joan Miceli-Muhlbauer

“That question list is AMAZING, thanks Sandi!!!” –Shamese Shular

“Wow! This information is amazing! I need to rethink my current practices! How do I get more in depth details of all this? Where to begin?” –Susan Cisternelli

“Excellent discussion!” –Laurie Davidian-Smith

“This session has been excellent!” –Susan Kovalesky

“Sandi, this is such awesome information you’re sharing. Love it!” –Elizabeth Sawyer

“This was an excellent session–it is the most difficult part of my business.” Jud Whidden

“Yes, this is the way to move the clients to have digital data!! Thanks” –Yolanda McCarver

“Excellent Michelle. One of the Take Home Messages from the vCon: Minimized Data Entry – Maximize Data Management! Love it!” –Laurie Davidian-Smith

“This platform is a game changer for me. I see a whole lot of possibilities.” –Jennifer Todd

“Really informative and easy to listen to!” –Carol Guinn

“Ian is a great speaker!” –Karen Vargas

“I like the concept. I’ll have to figure out how to apply it to my business!” –Mary Schmitz

“What a great presentation! He is talking about my target clients!” –Yolanda Mccarver

“Best presentation to date!” –Jerry Davis

“I’m really loving the idea of bundles and service levels. A great presentation by Ian!” –Gina Santore

“Love this presentation! Thanks Ian!” –Kathleen Higgins

“That seems incredible!” –Laurie Davidian-Smith

“The integration is so effortless! I spend so much time on this for my clients.” –Denisha Marino

“You guys are doing GREAT!!” –Lynette Rhodes

Great presentation. Thanks.” –Norton West

“It opened my eyes to a huge area I had little knowledge on! Thanks!” –Lisa-Marie Lane

“Thank you for the information!!” –Denisha Marino

“Thank you so much for doing this both of you are an inspiration.” –Nickie Stobbe

“Thank you, it was great and informative!” –Kathy Tighe

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.